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but it had hum bler beginnings 40 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, february the 8th, 2011. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us in. we're all back tomorrow, noon pacific, 3:00 eastern for "studio b" and back here for "the fox report" right before this guy. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> why did the majority of people in the polls not support obama care? >> actually, i think it's pretty evenly. >> bill: it's close. the majority don't support it? >> it's evenly guided, bill. >> bill: president obama says he believes most americans want his health care reforms. a new poll says that's not the case. we'll give you the stats. >> bill: another undercover tape showing a planned parenthood employee talking about covering
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up underaged sex. why is this organization getting taxpayer dollars? >> you condone the behavior on the tape of one of your employees covering up underaged sex trafficking? >> the hate from the bronx is doctored. >> you have seen the tape. >> i have not seen the full tape yet. >> bill: because before the controversy planned parenthood is now on the run. but we caught up with their spokesperson. >> you don't know whether it was doctored or not, do you? >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why americans are turning against obama care. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. one of the interesting parts of my interview with president obama last sunday is his continued defense of the obama
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care care law which i said was deeply unpopular in some quarters. >> i think in this country there is no reason why if you get sick you should go bankrupt. the notion that is a radical principle, i don't think the majority of people would agree with you on it. >> bill: why do the majority of people in the polls not support obama care. >> actually, i think it's pretty evenly. >> bill: it's close but the majority don't support it? >> it's equally divided, bill. >> bill: rasmussen poll says it's no longer evenly divided. in fact, 58% of likely voters now favor the repeal of obama care, just 37% want it to stay. the rest don't know. now, polls are just snapshots. a cbs poll taken in january, for example, said just 40% of americans want obama care repealed. so the president might be citing that. but the recent trend is definitely against the new health care law. the federal judge ruling it unconstitutional may be pushing public opinion away from obama care. there is no question there are some good things in the new law. insurance companies shouldn't be able to throw you off the rolls if you are sick. if you are poor you should have
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access to health care. america is a compassionate nation. costs will spiral out of control have persuade the new law is not afford in present form. the government can't make you do something simply because the feds think it's a good idea. has to be a constitutional reason to compel a purchase. mr. obama, of course, disagrees and the supreme court will eventually decide. but there is no question that next to the economy, the health care issue may well decide in the next president race. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction with us, our barack and hard place duo alan colmes and monica crowley. monica, you think i was too soft? you would have been all over him, right? >> i thought it was a huge cue for you and huge coo tore fox news to interview him on sunday. you only had 15 minutes. so you only had certain opportunity to do follow up with this guy. on the obama care issue you were
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very good because you pointedly asked him what are you going to do if this thing, your signature legislative achievement falls apart? if the supreme court rules it's unconstitutional, it goes away. what are you prepared to do? he didn't answer the question. >> bill: here is what i am not prepared to do. >> by not answering your question that was incredibly releague, bill. >> bill: wouldn't you have said, though if you were in my chair. wouldn't you have said hold it, you answer my questions. >> no i would not. >> bill: you pinhead. you are dodging me. you wouldn't have done that right? >> no. it's the president of the united states. you have to handle it -- >> bill: even you wouldn't do that. >> i'm glad he watches the factor, hi, mr. president. let me give you. >> watching the 'factor watching o'reilly. i think having watch. >> could be. >> bill: new rasmussen poll. what did you do over the weekend anything special? i watched you and not the game.
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it was the game. post people are moving toward obama care. you are citing rasmussen -- >> bill: wait. do you just throw rasmussen who was the most accurate pollsters. >> is he one poll there are other polls. >> bill: you are throwing that out the window? because you don't like it you are throwing it out. >> you don't likes the a.p. poll. 4% in november. they said 48% were against obama care. you called it obama care. affordable care act. >> bill: before the -- >> this is a week old. >> bill: the rasmussen poll came out this week. no. it's january 5th. >> january 17th. >> bill: january is a month before february. >> the 17th. 30 days has september. >> it's good to do that poem again. >> bill: stop. i don't want to do duling polls, you contend that the rasmussen poll -- >> i'm saying more within a thun poll show people framing the
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act. you citing one polls. we can do battle on the polls. when democrats are this through with all back room deals and junes and other continues constituencies to get this thing through, they told american people the more we knew about obama care the more we would like it, the more support would go up. the exact reverse has been true. >> untrue. >> unpop lash has only grown, why? because this is an expansion that we cannot afford. >> bill: in fefer the democrats got thumped and part of it was obama ma'am care were. >> would used by people who don't like it. afford be care act. anti-incumbent fever. that was one part of this. >> why was there enanti-incumbent fever. >> people getting fired of who is in hospital.
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>> if if you you are concerned about just as many republicans would have gotten thrown out as democrats. that wasn't true. we had republican landslide. >> among those against what you call obama care i call the affordable care act. monday you want single pair or a public option. >> bill: that's not a big crew. there are some people there but it's not a big riew crew. nancys mr. president how -- was i outline of line. >> no. >> i think it was a good question. i will say this though. i think he did a good job. you can't please everybody. i think your tone with george w. bush was a little softer than your tone with president obama. >> bill: all right. but i don't think so. i would say that's bologna. >> and the context of the question. >> bill: the question was the same. >> no the question was a little different. you said i went and watched this today i say you last night. george w. bush says the press
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hates you. you said the people. >> >> i couldn't say to president obama the press hate you because the press loves him. >> not the right wing president. interest are many who hate you and how do you respond. you were a little more -- hate you. >> bill: dayton, maybe little tired. >> we derailed and talk 'touch like tone. your question about why does people hate you? it's not the president we hate. i have no personal beef with president obama. >> bill: some do. >> what we hate is the direction he is taking the country. >> bill: look, be honest, monica, i listen to you on the radio. some of your callers hate him. they hate him. there is nothing he can do they like. >> i can address only myself. >> bill: you are responsible for every person. >> well, in that case. >> you know what i'm talking
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about. >> look. i don't think any of this is personal. >> bill: you don't think any of it is personal. >> muslim, wasn't born here, is he from kenya. he is ruining the country. i get those same calls on my show. >> if you were to say that people on the left hate president bush. >> yes. some did. >> absolutely personal. you are right about that but in obama's case. >> it's not? the guy made a great joke to you on super bowl sunday about having to wear a jacket. he is a likeable guy. >> i disagree with you. suspects the very both sides not regular liberals and regular conservatives. more on the undercover tape implicating planned parenthood
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, as you may know a pro-life group named live action is doing a number of under cover stings on planned parenthood. new jersey showed a planned parenthood employee advising people how to get around child sex laws. that employee you see there was fired. now there is a new tape recorded in the bronx, new york, that shows a planned parenthood
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employee doing almost the same thing. >> bill: now the state of new york mandates that organizations report suspected child abuse or mistreatment, period. that includes statutory rape. now, we contacted planned parent hood but they refuse to come on the factor. so we sent jesse waters out to see spokesman stewart shear. >> you condone the behavior on the tape of one of your employees in the bronx excusing
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and covering up underaged sex trafficking? you are okay with that? >> we firmly believe that the edited -- that the tape from the bronx is doctored. >> but you haven't seen the tape, have you? >> i can -- i will take -- i would like to. >> >> you have seen the tape. >> i actually haven't seen the full tape yet. >> you actually don't know whether it was doctored or not, do you. >> the tape -- there is. >> you are talking about a tape that you are claiming is doctored and you haven't seen it. isn't that correct? >> not correct. i would like to actually take you through -- let me take you through the audio and the visual tape and show you how they were changed. >> bill: one more thing, planned parenthood gets about 360 million taxpayer dollars every year. joining us now from capitol hill, indiana congressman mike pence leading the movement to defund planned parenthood. just like acorn these tapes should tell the tale here. i don't believe they would doctor. they are edited tapes because
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these things went on and on and on. this woman said what she said in the state of new york and other states you have to report statutory rape. the planned parenthood in new york and other are not interested in doing that so, i don't think there should be any funding at all. you are going to run into trouble in the -- aren't you? >> look, bill, thanks for focusing on this issue. you know, as a policymaker, but also as a father of two teenage girls, i am just outraged at these videos. but, you know, there -- this is outrageous, but it's hardly new. the reality is that arizona, ohio, connecticut, my own indiana, california, tennessee, you know, we have seen refusings and -- revelations and investigations into planned parenthood clinics for years. and, you know, wherever you stand on abortion, there has been a broad consensus in america that we don't use taxpayer money to provide abortion for -- to provide
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coverage for abortion or to support organizations that promote abortion as a means ever birth control. and that's why our legislation would deny any and all federal funding to planned parenthood of america. these tapes just make a more eloquent argument for that we are going to continue to press hr 217 through the congress to end once and for all any public funding to planned parenthood. >> bill: tapes raise the bar into a criminal area because of statutory rape. we went through this in kansas and a whole bunch of other place where you go. >> that's right. >> bill: go into abortion mills and planned parenthood provides birth control and all of that but it makes money from abortions. it makes profits from abortions. then you have these people saying look, i don't care if the girl is 13. we'll get around it. she will come in, she will get the abortion, nobody will know about it you are asking american taxpayers to foot the bill for that? it's beyond politics. it's outrageous. >> it is outrageous, bill. frankly, i think most americans
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are surprised to learn that the largest abortion provider in america is also the largest recipient of federal funding under title 10. now, title 10 clinics do a lot of important work. let me be very clear, our bill, the title ten abortion provider prohibition act doesn't cut any title 10 funding at all. it just says if you are also in the abortion business, if you are also an abortion provider, you can't operate a health clinic under title 10. last year 2008-2009, planned parenthood received $360 million in taxpayer money. the very same year they performed 324 -- abortions. people are starting to learn what's going on inside title ten clinics inside these videos. they are also learning that taxpayer dollars are subsidizing promoting abortion across the country. >> bill: the argument from the other side and, again, i think you are going to have some
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problem in the senate. i think the house will pass the defunding fairly quickly. the senate will probably try to block it the argument is that poor people can't afford abortions, planned parenthood does provide them and subsidies for them so you have to do it. and you say? >> well, i say, look, our bill is specifically focused on denying public funding in title 10. title 10 money doesn't technically go to abortion. but we argue that when planned parenthood can operate a title 10 clinic. receive hundreds of millions of dollars to operate a title 10 clinic. and new jersey clinic in last week's video was a title 10 clinic where the girl was. >> bill: title 10 clinic is. >> title 10 clinic provides health services, h.i.v. screening, planned parenthood, counseling. >> bill: a myriad of services including abortion? >> exactly. and planned parenthood operates title 10 clinics, receives hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money to do that. >> bill: right. >> then, oftentimes, right down the hallway, operates an abortion clinic.
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you and i both know money is -- here. they can use -- >> bill: no doubt about it. they make money on the abortions. congressman, keep us posted on how this progresses. we will keep the audience informed as well. thank you. directly ahead, where is osama bin laden. a former cia guy says he knows. and then, john stossel doesn't like michelle obama telling us how much we should eat in restaurants. coming right back. [ male announcer ] i got a question for ya. ♪ what does this city know about luxury? what does a town that's been to hell and back know about the finer things in life? ♪ more than most. ya see, it's the hottest fires that make the hardest steel. ♪ add hard work and conviction. that's who we are. that's our story.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, mike schurr is the former head of the cia's bin laden unit. one of his mandates was to try to capture or kill the al qaeda leader. obviously that didn't happen. mr. schurr has a new book called osama bin laden, where he chronicles his attempts.
8:23 pm
i spoke with him last night. >> >> bill: doctor, one of the themes in your book is that osama bin laden wanted the united states to attack him in afghanistan, anticipated that would happen after 9/11. and it didn't. we really had to go in and get him and remove the taliban, did we not. >> absolutely. we had to go in to kill as many of the taliban and as many of al qaeda as we could possibly do and get out. and then with the full knowledge that we might have had to go back in again for the second time. >> bill: you don't think we should have done any nation-building there? we go in, kill the wad guys and say you are on your own and see you later. >> that's right, sir. >> bill: taliban probably would have come back into power because they fled very quickly. i don't know if there was anybody organized enough to stop them from coming back. >> what the problem was we didn't send enough troops, in sir. we didn't kill enough of them. it's a callus, hard thing to say. ultimately you fight a war until the enemy doesn't want to fight anymore. >> bill: that's true. but they did, they being the bush administration, have a
8:24 pm
stunning success using special forces, cia, and the northern alliance. they move the taliban out and they did kill a lot of al qaeda and chase them up into pakistan. >> they had a great tactical success. strategically, it was a no win. >> bill: let's go to osama bin laden. now, for the last nine years, the guy is living in a cave in north waziristan, we believe. he might have wanted this invasion from the u.s.a. it's not helped him. >> we are going to leave afghanistan. began taking troops out of there. the taliban will return. we will dress it up our politicians always dress things up. half success or we did our best. in the muslim world, it will be seen as the defeat of the second super bowl. >> bill: that's how they will spin it i'm not sure if will get traction. bin laden himself living in a cave for nine years.
8:25 pm
isolated, his power is down. >> that's kind of a -- i think that's the hollywood version of it, sir. >> bill: yeah? >> if he was living in a cave or living from rock to rock we would have killed him. >> bill: where do you think he. >> i think he is nowhere near waziristan. in a place called co-nar, or on the pakistani side. >> bill: living in some villa some place. >> very sedentary life. if he was moving, we would have killed him. they make mistakes when they move. >> bill: it's ungovernable part of afghanistan. let's go to egypt. president obama told me on sunday. >> i think that the muslim brotherhood is one faction in egypt. they don't have majority support in egypt. but they are well organized. and there are strains of bare ideology that are anti-u.s. i think the brotherhood is a very powerful organization in egypt. it also is the only alternative to mubarak in terms of talent
8:26 pm
government. they have tremendous following in the grass roots, poor muslims in egypt. >> bill: the army is not going to sit for the brotherhood. the army wants the billion and a half we give them. they know that if the brotherhood takes over that money is going to dry up. what happens to egypt a year from now. >> he mubarak stays or his people stay through the election. my own guess would be there will be some sort of a democratic government. we'll have to include some part of the brotherhood. >> bill: final question. do you think the united states will eventually kill osama bin laden? >> i don't think so, sir. i think right now we'll be lucky if he dies of old age relatively soon. >> bill: you don't see him getting him. >> we have done such a disservice. putting so many people in there and some things to do. keep karzai in power, build economy, build transportation and communications intrafracture. they have to kill the taliban. they have to eradicated heroin
8:27 pm
in their spare time they osama bin laden. dock coshocton doctor, thanks very much. we appreciate it. an arizona rancher ordered to pay almost $100,000 because he kept illegal aliens prisoner on his own property. as s. it legal has been investigating. next john stossel on michelle obama's call on restaurants to serve smaller portions. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. la, la, la ♪ ♪ ooh, ah la, la, la ♪ ♪ [ dance beat ] [ male announcer ] join the $100k+ job search specialists... that give you the tools and guidance you need to be irresistible.
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you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> bill: stossel matters segment tonight. michelle obama nutrition signature issue. ms. obama would like restaurants to adopt smaller portions and add more healthy food on the menu. with us now is john stossel. you know, i get the all you can eat at vinny's rib shack. you don't eat for three days and go in and bankrupt vinny. i don't know. i don't want michelle obama, even though i respect and i
8:31 pm
understand what you are trying to do to tell the restaurants to give or tell vinnie he can't have all you can eat. i don't want that. >> i don't either. so far it seems to be voluntary. so. >> bill: you can't tell vinnie, he will put new jail if you give o'reilly more ribs. >> implied coercion. if vinnie doesn't cooperate and wal-mart does, then will something bad happen to vinnie? no more people will go to vinnie because wal-mart is not giving them enough food. that's never going to work in america. believe me. when people go out and spend money in a restaurant, you know, these little pit -- petit plates who goes to those places? >> they are going to give you a lot of money -- i a lot of food, a bang for your buck. particularly in the places that are trying to get the middle class and working where you live the upper west side. people eat dust, i think. i don't know what they eat up there. very carefully, they eat michelle obama food. at least, are you offended by
8:32 pm
this michelle obama thing? >> there is the king and the queen. she is going to tell us. you got elected. by the viewers. the most successful cable host ever. does that give your wife the ride to tell me what i should eat? no lady has a cause and her cause, i like the cause, improving nutrition for children. i think it's good to tell restaurants to please put some healthy choices on your food. not just macaroni and chicken fingers. >> they already do. >> bill: i was in friendly's. my little kid loves friendly's. i like the chow der there nice job. if you look at the kid's menu, it's hard to get. they have apple sauce. that's what they got. apple sauce. >> you want the fries or the apple sauce. fries. no, you are getting the apple sauce. that's what they got. got to give more. >> you didn't go to the obama super bowl party. >> look how i turned out. >> look what they served. >> i know. that's a super bowl party. come on. they had a lot.
8:33 pm
>> say one thing and practicing something else. >> bill: here is an interesting question. i think we are heading in this direction in the country. you know, tobacco they do emphasize tobacco by taxing a lot of people. not worth buying a cigarette for six bucks. >> tax, tax, tax. smoking isn't going down. should the government levy taxes on food just not good for you. should they start to do to discourage people from eating. >> special taxes on junk food. how do you define junk food? >> bill: high chloric high fat. >> juice? >> bill: it's not high fat. got to be high fat, high chloric. >> coke and pepsi and orange juice and apple juice fit that classification. >> bill: i don't think orange juice and apple juice are high in fat. >> if she wants the country to eat better the best thing she could do is get her husband to go across the street, close the agriculture department, stop
8:34 pm
subsidizing meat, dairy and corn syrup. that could do far more good. >> bill: that's interesting. how far should the government go to encourage healthy lifestyles. that's the basic question. if you eat poorly, you will die early and get all these diseases that taxpayers are going to pick up the tab anyway. just like cancer, bum, bum, bum. >> they should run around and be role models and bike and run and be healthy and leave us alone. what we eat is our business. >> don't you think michelle obama speaking out about healthy food is a good thing. >> noble. >> bill: as long as she stays away from vinnie all you can eat ribs. >> as long as she stays away from force. >> bill: force is out of the question. they can't do that i don't think they will. i like the message kids have got to eat better. stossel, thanks very much. we appreciate it when we come right back, is it legal on a arizona rancher ordered to pay $100,000 to illegal aliens. wait until you hear this story.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight, ninth circuit of appeals has ordered barnett to pay $87,000 to a group of 16 illegal immigrants. back in 2004, mr. barnett held those people gunpoint on his own property saying he feared for his safety. with us now is it legal teams attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. why should this guy legally who had a gun, the gun was legal on his ranch. >> on his property. >> bill: these people trespassed in mexico. he holds them, his wife calls the border patrol to take them away. and he has to pay 87 grand? >> he does more than hold them. he takes the gun, swinging the gun around and threatening with
8:39 pm
the gun. he kicks one of the girls apparently and he yells obscenities. he has a big dog with him saying this dog wants to bite some behind. he scared them. there was a psychologist who took the stand at the trial. four of these people were absolutely suffered from emotional distress. >> you don't think mr. barnett suffers from. >> 16 illegal aliens on his property and god knows who they are. >> he went over the limit. >> bill: over the limit? >> when he found out, bill, that they were not going to harm him and he testified at the trial, he testified he was not in fear. unarmed. so barnett himself said at the trial he wasn't in fear. >> correct. has he what the ninth circuit looked at. >> bill: this lawsuit was fired by the mexican -- illegal fund. which is looking for these kinds of cases. >> powerful national group. >> bill: barnett goes up on the stand and swears i wasn't afraid. i was just doing this because, why? why was he doing it? >> initially, he was concerned.
8:40 pm
how does he know this? does very a metal detector. >> if he says i wasn't afraid. >> eventually is what he said. >> once he detained them realized they weren't going to harm him. he had his wife contact border patrol. i'm sorry, i think he did it right. you can't assault someone. >> bill: he kicks someone. >> that's inappropriate. assault. that's where he violates the law. this is someone that they have an eye out for because he is one of the original founders of the minutemen. >> bill: they were after him. there was no doubt about it. >> what you are both missing, i'm sorry, is that a jury turned in a verdict for. this a verdict of $87,000. what the ninth circuit did is just uphold that verdict. they said according to law you have to pay. according to the law, the only way the ninth circuit could have done anything other than what they did is say there was no reasonable conclusion that this jury came to. there was only one conclusion that was not what the jury came to. >> was there any more appeal to
8:41 pm
this. >> i suppose i can go to a full -- >> try have a rehearing. the likelihood that will be granted. attorney acknowledges. >> supposedly he caused them severe emotional distress. >> bill: they were all deported by the way. i guess that was distressful. can you sue the border patrol for deporting them? that would cause emotional distress, right? >> how is it that it's your land. and you are violating the law. you are legally in the country and it's his fault you have to pay them money? >> bill: i don't know what barnett did and they shouldn't have kicked anybody. >> should have been screaming at them. he has the right to have the dog on his own property. >> bill: i want everybody, even the people that disagree with me. i want everybody to think about this. it's your property. you have 16 strangers standing on your property. >> once you realize that they are not going to hurt you, they are unarmed. calling border patrol. put down the gun. you don't kick anybody. >> he called the border patrol and he has the right to have his dog there 16 people. his wife. i don't understand this. >> the jury said no. and that's the way it is.
8:42 pm
facebook. now, i try to stay away from this stuff. >> i know. there it is. >> there is a growing problem with people using facebook to attack other people. >> right. >> in connecticut, a lady says bad things about her boss. >> very bad. >> on facebook. they fire the lady. and she sues. >> correct. >> and what happens? >> they settle the lawsuit. this is one of the cases we have been following. >> bill: who is they? >> the national labor relations finds that in fact they did violate the ambulance company violated. they agreed, this ambulance company connecticut to settle the case for some financial amount. she will not return to their employ. >> bill: ambulance company in which she worked and attacked the boss, didn't have the right to fire her even though she attacked the boss on facebook? >> yeah. it wasn't like it was something -- >> anybody on facebook with call their boss anything they want and they can do it and no disciplinary action can take
8:43 pm
place? >> this is a very powerful decision that will have long standing legal ramifications. >> bill: you are in the building and you call your boss a dirty name and she did you are fired. if you go home and put it on facebook, you can do it? >> your home on your own time at your home computer, you can do it. little thing called the first amendment. she wasn't fighting any violence. she wasn't saying let's go out and murder. >> she was calling vial names. >> we can do that in our own time. >> bill: i just want. >> it wasn't even for any kind of wage dispute. >> bill: just doesn't like him. >> that's the problem. >> bill: can i go across the street from fox news and and hold up a sign and say bad things about, you know -- >> -- yeah. we are not going to let do you that. >> bill: i don't know whether you can or not. lindsay lohan very troubled woman as everybody knows now going to be charged with a felony theft. apparently prosecutors in los angeles say she took a necklace, wiehl, is that true? >> worth $2,500 which a ton of
8:44 pm
money. apparently there is video of her with the necklace on in the store shortly before it disappeared. and then, you know, surprisingly, a week after that the necklace was returned from. >> bill: let's be fair to mislohan because very few people are. she said that the jewelry store loaned her the necklace. and, you know, she returned it, so why am i being charged with a felony? >> sure, absolutely. that's going to be a matter that perhaps the jury is going to take up. >> bill: prosecuted? low level beef. they got the necklace back. >> once they got the division of the los angeles police department. then a representative of lindsay lohan actually brought the necklace back. >> bill: what i'm saying to you is it worth l.a. who had a wash in violent crime, prosecuting this woman because they got the necklace back? >> i mean, it should be properly mediated. >> here is what they should do, plead it out to a misdemeanor, not a grand theft. >> bill: with remember rap sheet she would probably get 50 years.
8:45 pm
>> violate probation. put it all together -- >> >> bill: they are definitely trying to send a message about lindsay lohan. >> there was one with a fur coat before. >> bill: thanks. charles krauthammer will critique my interview with president obama on sunday. should i be worried? krauthammer is next. ♪ [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol® to advil here's one story. my name is tanya and i am from chicago. i'm a mom of 3 daughters. pan can really put a kink in my day and i turn into grouchy mommy. i used to take tylenol and now i take advil and i like it. it fast and it's reliable. my family needs me and i need to be there for my family. [ male announcer ] make the switch. te action. take advil®. it's personal. i have diabetes. so i'm proud to manufacture the accu-chek aviva meters and test strips
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8:48 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. if you are an internet browser, you know my interview with president obama is the major topic of discussion. lots of bloviating on the net. one guy whose opinion matters here, charles krauthammer joins us now from washington. so be, as they said, in the producers one of the funniest movies ever made be brutal, be brutal. how did i do? >> interviewing a president is the hardest job in our kind of
8:49 pm
journalism. and the reason is this. when you are talking as a president aurora around him and there is the sense that you shouldn't interrupt him and if you do it's somehow rude but the fact is that every president has got a taped message for every question you ask. that could run three minutes, except with obama it runs six or seven or eight. we know that from the press conferences he holds in the ornate white house with all the people standing there and nobody interrupts him. you ask him a question there, on the law to see, he will give you three chapters of moby dick. is he taking six, seven, ten minutes an answer. i think you did right. he would start on the pretaped response and you would say all right. we know that. let's go on to the next sung. i -- next subject. that's perfectly reasonable. tough interviewer asking questions of a really smart
8:50 pm
nimble politician. >> bill: you are a presidential observer. was there anything you saw in that interview on the president's part that went, whoa, i didn't know that? >> i don't think the president ever does that. because if he does, if he gives news in an interview, that means he has made a mistake. when a president has news, he releases it in different ways. i thought what was interesting though was the last question you asked him about fox news. and i was surprised by the tone. it was not just con conciliator, which you would expect from a president who isrying to reposition himself to the center after a shellacking in november. and a president who knows that the fox news audience who has huge numbers of independents and democrats as well. but i thought, in the end, he actually said he talked about his respect for fox news. now, i happen to think and i'm guessing here i have no information that he really hasn't changed his opinion of
8:51 pm
fox news. the opinion he had a couple of years ago and last year, when he was attacking it relentlessly or his surrogates were attacking it relentlessly. i think this is very good evidence. ifhow obama is able to disarm hs opponents, to be charming, conciliatory, knowing that's what he needs to win re-election it shows a very skilled politician. >> bill: yeah. but he denies moving to the center. see, that was the headline for me in the interview. i mean, he said i'm not moving to the center at all. people going, whoa. you you know, with the new daily appointment as the chief of staff. embracing of the chamber of commerce who he was warring with as well. but he -- you know, so people go well, he lied. he lied when he said he wasn't moving to the center. i'm saying i don't think he thinks he is moving to the center. >> i actually think that he is the same guy he has been for the last. >> bill: you said that for a number of times. >> i think he might -- maybe he
8:52 pm
believes it but i think he understands that after the verdict the voters gave him in november the hyperliberal agenda of years one and two is done. there is no way it's going to be enacted if you don't control the house. so, why would you keep going in that direction and why would you ignore the message of the electorate which was, if you continue on this liberal path, you are going to get thrown out of office? so, i think he is repositioning himself it's all a matter of appearances. it's all a matter of maneuver. >> why didn't he say what? >> bill: i'm moving to the center a little bit. >> why should he concede that? >> it makes him look as if he is weak and reactive and he is uns principled. every politician will say i am who i always have been. i think, you know, people are misunderstanding my intention. i was never a lefty. i just want what's good for the country, et cetera, et cetera. you could write that script if you had to. every politician does.
8:53 pm
>> bill: that's the popeye school of politics i am what i am no matter what i do i am what i do. >> obama is who he is. he knows how to maneuver and he is very good at it. >> bill: thank you, charles. pinheads and patriots on deck alex rodriguez and cammeron diaz. don't miss this one moments away.
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> bill: pinheads and patriots
8:56 pm
starring alex rodriguez and cameron diaz in a moment. but first patriot pens flying out of here. you can them out on if you buy a premium membership and thousands have in the past few weeks you get a copy before pinheads and patriots free. now to the mail:
8:57 pm
>> bill: that question was on my mind i just ran out of time. enchanting. bill bill that will be tomorrow night, body language. >> bill: apparently there's a lot you don't realize matt, get some fresh air. >> bill: of course it's the same. are you saying the press aren't people? wait, let me rephrase that.
8:58 pm
>> bill: not yet. cnn has a 20 year head start on us overseas. but fnc is making many gains. >> bill: you score big tracy! good luck in the high-tech world, i am challenged as well. finally pinheads and patriots. apparently yankee star alex rodriguez and actress cameron diaz are friendly. that was on display at the super bowl. >> announcer: president george w. bush to list left laura, alex rodriguez, cameron diaz. >> bill: is mr. rodriguez a pinhead or patriot for allowing himself to be fed by
8:59 pm
miss diaz? please vote on cameron you got to watch your fingers. >> last night we asked you if the peas are pinheads or patriots for their performance at the super bowl. ♪ ♪ i got a feeling tonight is going to be a good night ♪ that tonight is gonna be a good night ♪ ♪ tonight's the night let's live it up ♪ >> bill: apparently it wasn't a good night for the black-eyed peas. 81% said pinheaded. 19% said patriots. i had no problem with it. i thought it was fine. what want? that is it for us tonight. spout off about the factor from anywhere inhe

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